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  7. Delivery - Minimum $25.00 Delivery Fee
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BBQ Packages:

Basic – $8.95 per person: Choice of 1 Meat (Choosing Beef Brisket will be an additional $1.75 per person) and
Choice of 2 Sides

Basic Plus – $10.95 per person: Choice of 2 Meats (Choosing Beef Brisket will be an additional $1.75 per person)
Choice of 2 Sides

The Works – $14.95 per person: Choice of 4 Meats (Choosing Beef Brisket will be an additional $1.75 per person)
Choice of 4 Sides

Being a small family run restaurant we may not always have a delivery driver available. We try our best to have someone (usually Smokey or Mrs. Smokey if Smokey is hiding in the woods) available during lunch Monday through Friday. Therefore we have to say “Delivery subject to availability” especially Thursday and Friday evening and Saturday. Minimum delivery fee is $25.00 for the RTP area.
When placing your catering order for the 1 meat 2 side package please note that we cannot divide the meat in half to provide two meats for your order.  This is our policy to keep you and us from having angry co-workers or guests if there is not enough meat on the buffet for your event.  It has been our experience that if you are trying to feed folks from a buffet that if two meats are available they are going to sample both meats and then those at the end of the line may be left without any delicious meat that you have chosen for your buffet.