Dearest Smokey’s Friends and Friends — Prepare this is a long one and grab a tissue we did

Roses are Red   –   Violets are Blue   –   Smokey’s is Closing   –   And we will miss You!

Well, it is often said all good things must come to an end.  It has been a great 14+ years serving you BBQ and fixins and getting to know you!  Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have had to make the difficult decision to close operations on Friday, September 3, 2021.

Some of you have known us for all of the years we have been here in Morrisville, and we are truly appreciative of your support and the business you have brought us.  Some of you were Green Hope High School, Cary High School, and Panther Creek High School students when we first met during your lunch periods, through football, cheer, or band events.  And now you all are bringing your young families in to enjoy Smokey’s.   Some of you were able to experience our own son wait on you during his junior high and high school days.  Now he is married to a beautiful young lady, and they have blessed us with a vivacious 2-year-old little girl.  Many of you are the reason we have so many signs and pigs and crazy sayings tacked up around the restaurant.  All of these are precious memories that we will always cherish.

We were notified a couple of years ago that we would be impacted by the Chapel Hill Rd/Highway 54 widening project.  The project was put on hold, then Covid hit, and now the project is back on, and we were notified in June of this year that we would need to move out by the end of this year.  The plans that DOT shared a couple of years ago call for bulldozing the restaurant building and the storage building (a.k.a. original smokehouse) out back.  We have tried to find a suitable location to move to but have not been able to do so while keeping some of the quaint old school BBQ ambiance with no luck so far.

We unfortunately been facing many challenges of late as we have tried to stay open until the bitter end before DOT forces us out.  We have struggled through the last year and a half of Covid shutdowns, and restrictions and hung on to serve you BBQ.  We have stayed open for the last six months with basically only 3 employees and rotating others in to help as much as we could.  The last straw that is breaking Smokey’s back is that after a 14+ year relationship with our food service provider that we have used exclusively until recently has quit sending us a truck with supplies because they too have limited staff and we just aren’t big enough for them to bring us food and supplies anymore.  We have tried many avenues to source high quality products for you, but because people are being paid to sit at home, supply chain issues are too much to overcome.

We will retain the Facebook page and website so if down the road we find suitable space or even start a food truck up we will reach out to let you know.  We never say good-bye but prefer a hug and say until we meet again.  Please join Angela, Kevin, Tony, and Martha next week with a limited menu (did we say no delivery from our food service provider for two weeks in a row) to say, “Until we meet again!”

We’d love to see our friends and enjoy another laugh together before we shut Smokey’s doors for good.

If you are in the Northern Durham/Wake County/Falls Lake area or especially if you like to take a short drive on a Saturday or Sunday morning for breakfast, come out to Finch’s Family Restaurant next to the Southern States in downtown Creedmoor.  Kevin and Angela took that on and since it is a bit closer to their home in the country of Granville County you are likely to spot them a little more often.  Stop in and say hi!

Thanks again for all your support over the years and until we meet again continue to be kind to one another.  Support small businesses, many are still struggling.  Be kind and patient with the waitstaff/servers/counter staff… at the many restaurants that are operating under very short-staffed conditions.